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Am 26.02.2013 um 15:54 Uhr
I see in the documentation that the click fir the drummer isn't active while playing an mp3. I make sequenses in logic pro and want to use them in the miditemp. But the drummer needs the click. Is there a work around for this? Maybe use the click from my fantom g8 and start the miditemp mp3 by sysex? I can view the mp11 for 4 weeks within that time i can decide to send it back.
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Am 02.03.2013 um 18:43 Uhr
Hi Sylvain,

as far as I know, it isn't possible, to use the click from an external soundexpander (e.g.: fantom g8) and start the MP3-File on your MP11 by sysex.

I try it out, by using my equipment (-> Pa1Xpro / MP11) - unfortunately without success.

So I think, there is no possibility, to start MP3-Files on the MP11 by sysex from an external soundexpander and play then the click (from external soundexpander) and the MP3-Files on the MP11 simultaneously - SORRY.

Best regards

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Am 03.03.2013 um 10:37 Uhr
Maybe miditemp can make a software update that it activates the click when a mp3 has in its name for example 112bpm in its name! ( playthatfunky 112bpm.mp3)
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